Self Electronics super thin LED drivers


SELF Electronics launched the whole series of Super Thin driver.
With innovative designs and high quality manufacturing SELF Electronics can provide you with a wide range of led drivers, starting with small 3W models up to 100W drivers. In addition, SELF’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology and testing devices to ensure that international standards and specifications are continually met.

SELF Electronics super slim LED drivers, with their super sleek design (Height = only 14mm) can fit any enclosure and are ready to be used even in very small designs. The fast-growing market for indoor and outdoor lighting together with very competitive prices creates a well balanced mix for wide range of applications.

Unique and powerful feature:

- 15W to 100W whole range
- The thinnest size in the market ≤14mm
- Global (ENEC and UL): 60W, 100W
- Long lifetime, excellent heat emitting design
- No audio design

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