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433329689 Flying dc power... BAM.433329689

433329689 Flying dc power socket 9/5.5x2.5mm

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C SP/5/180   SPINA VOL. DIN... BAM.SP/5/180

C SP/5/180 SPINA VOL. DIN 5 POLI 180°

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Neutrik NP3X Professional... NP3X

Neutrik NP3X Professional stereo jack plug Ø6.3 cable 4 - 7 mm

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SALA PPST/6,35 Presa... PPST/6,35

SALA PPST/6,35 Presa Pannello Jack Stereo 6,35 8Poli

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VOL/3 Screened 3 pole... VOL/3

VOL/3 Screened 3 pole microphone flying socket

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3 poli Nickel Brass Connettori Rotondi