Watts and lumens both describe lightbulbs, but do you know what they actually mean? Watts are a measurement of energy, specifically the energy needed to power electronic devices like lightbulbs.Watts are all about real power, which means they measure the rate at which energy is consumed. Interestingly, Watts do not measure brightness, nor does the number of Watts say anything about brightness at all.

Lumens are a measurement of brightness. They tell you the visible light intensity that is produced by a bulb or other lighting device. Lumens also take into account how the light is projected. The more lumens in a lightbulb, the brighter the light.

How can you change your lightbulbs, based on a lumens perspective? For instance, if you have a 60W lightbulb, the new lightbulb should have 800 lumens.

As lamps are about brightness, the correct measure shall be that given by lumens.