Network Isolator EN50Bamer has just concluded a new distribution agreement with the German company Emo System.
Emo System offers the largest portfolio of high-performance Ethernet network isolators for medical technology.
All network isolators meet the requirements of IEC 60601-1. Network Isolators developed by EMO Systems are galvanic isolation devices which are used to protect people and devices from dangerous voltages arising from the network periphery. Their main uses are in the field of medical technology.

EMOSAFE Network Isolators operate based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Because of this transmission principle, Network Isolators do not require separate power supplies. There are no software drivers to be installed. Transmitter modules developed especially for these Network Isolators reach dielectric strengths of up to 6000 V AC and 8500 V DC (model dependent); and with a three-layer insulation system, conform to the highest safety requirements. At the same time they facilitate a particularly low-loss signal transfer, so that the usual maximum Ethernet network path length of 100 meters can be fully utilised in most cases without leading to a reduction in data throughput.

Network Isolator EN100Thanks to this new partnership Bamer will have the chance to provide his customer with both power supplies and connectors for medical applications, in compliance with the EN60601-1 regulation.



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