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kd2054-12-alimentatore-desk... KD2054/12


Alpha Elettronica
7 In Stock
Price €12.70
1 60watt 24Vdc 5A Plastico Alimentatori LED
Mean Well GS60A24-P1J Power... GS60A24-P1J

Mean Well GS60A24-P1J Power Supply Desktop 60watt 24Vdc 2,5A IP20

Mean Well
5 In Stock
Price €20.00
1 60watt 24Vdc 90-264Vac o 135-370Vdc 2,5A IP20 Plastico
Mean Well GS90A24-P1M Power... GS90A24-P1M

Mean Well GS90A24-P1M Power Supply Desktop 90watt 24Vdc 3,75A IP20

Mean Well
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Price €36.00
1 90watt 24Vdc 90-264Vac o 135-370Vdc 3,75A IP20 Plastico
Mean Well GST120A24-R7B... GST120A24-R7B

Mean Well GST120A24-R7B Power Supply Desktop 120watt 24Vdc 5A IP20

Mean Well
185 In Stock
Price €34.15
1 120watt 24Vdc 85-264Vac o 120-370Vdc 5A IP20 Plastico
Mean Well GST160A15-R7B... GST160A15-R7B

Mean Well GST160A15-R7B Power Supply Desktop 144watt 15Vdc 9,6A IP20

Mean Well
7 In Stock
Price €49.73
1 144watt 15Vdc 85-264Vac o 120-370Vdc 9,6A IP20 Plastico
Mepos MTDA60A-S11 Desktop... MTDA60A-S11

Mepos MTDA60A-S11 Desktop power supply 48Vdc 60Watt 1.25A output with free wires

19 In Stock
Price €12.75
1 60watt 48Vdc 90-264Vac 1,25A Plastico Class I
XP Power AHE220PS12 Desktop... AHE220PS12

XP Power AHE220PS12 Desktop AC/DC Power Supply 12Vdc 220Watt 15A

XP Power
42 In Stock
Price €135.00
1 180watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 15A Plastico Alimentatori
XP Power VEH90PS12 Desktop... VEH90PS12

XP Power VEH90PS12 Desktop Power Supply AC / DC 90W 12V 7.5A single output Power Mini Din 4 poles

XP Power
198 In Stock
Price €44.35
90watt 12Vdc Alimentatori
XP Power VET18US120C2-JA... VET18US120C2-JA

XP Power VET18US120C2-JA Desktop AC/DC Power Supply out 12Vdc 18W 1.5A

XP Power
1089 In Stock
Price €11.95
1 18watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 1,5A Plastico Alimentatori
XP Power VET24US120C2-JA... VET24US120C2-JA

XP Power VET24US120C2-JA Desktop AC/DC Power Supply out 12Vdc 24W 2A

XP Power
1 Last items in stock
Price €12.95
1 24watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 2A Plastico Alimentatori
XP Power VET36US120C2-JA... VET36US120C2-JA

XP Power VET36US120C2-JA Desktop AC/DC Power Supply out 12Vdc 36W 3A

XP Power
2034 In Stock
Price €15.95
1 36watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 3A Plastico Alimentatori
xp-power-aej100ps24-aliment... AEJ100PS24


XP Power
Price €117.00
1 100watt 24Vdc 90-264Vac 4,17A Plastico Level VI
xp-power-aej100ps36-aliment... AEJ100PS36


XP Power
Price €106.45
1 100watt 36Vdc 90-264Vac 2,78A Plastico Level VI
xp-power-aej70us12-alimenta... AEJ70US12


XP Power
11 In Stock
Price €55.60
1 70Watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 5,8A Plastico Level VI
xp-power-aej70us28-alimenta... AEJ70US28


XP Power
5 In Stock
Price €55.60
1 70Watt 28Vdc 90-264Vac 2,5A Plastico Level VI
xp-power-vec50us15-alimenta... VEC50US15


XP Power
2 Last items in stock
Price €19.10
1 50watt 15Vdc 90-264Vac 3,33A Plastico Alimentatori
xp-power-vec65us12-alimenta... VEC65US12


XP Power
Price €20.50
1 65watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 5,41A Plastico Alimentatori
xp-power-vet30us120c2-ja-al... VET30US120C2-JA


XP Power
2300 In Stock
Price €15.35
1 30watt 12Vdc 90-264Vac 2,5A Plastico Alimentatori