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XP Power DDC1524S05 DC-DC... DDC1524S05

XP Power DDC1524S05 DC-DC Converter 15 Watt Input 9 a 36Vdc Output 5Vdc Din Rail

XP Power
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Price €46.45
1 15watt 5Vdc 9-36Vdc 2,7A no IP Din-Rail Convertitori DC/DC
xp-power-ddc1524s12-dc-dc-c... DDC1524S12


XP Power
Price €40.95
1 15watt 12Vdc
12Vdc -12Vdc
9-36Vdc 1,25A no IP Din-Rail Convertitori DC/DC
xp-power-ddc1524s24-dc-dc-c... DDC1524S24


XP Power
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Price €46.45
1 15watt 24Vdc 9 to 36Vdc
0,63A no IP Din-Rail Convertitori DC/DC
xp-power-dpm12d-modulo-di-p... DPM12D


XP Power
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Price €243.00
2 10-16Vdc 25A no IP Open Frame Convertitori DC/DC